What about Massive Carbon Tax

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Massive carbon tax can work however for it to be effective, there needs to be a bureaucratic system in place that is transparent, efficient and one that gains public confidence.
Unlike politicians, bureaucrats are less visible to the public and so can get away with unethical practices or negligence. Bureaucrats tend to stay in office longer than elected politicians (with the exception of appointed bureaucrats that head a department) and therefore more susceptible to staying with the status quo or more prone to corruption. Further more with the lack of public oversight it is easy for complacency and incompetence to go unnoticed within a department.
Some examples that point to this assertion include the popular image in entertainment that personifies the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) as uncaring, slow, incompetent and power hungry and that’s a reflection of public perception on Government Bureaucrats.
Nevertheless the handling over incidents such as the West Virginia mine explosion at the Sago Mine that left 13 miners trapped, eventually leading to 12 fatalities and one survivor in 2006 seems to justify that public perception of Government Bureaucracy.
The lack of transparency by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), the political sway and the revolving door that appointed a former mine executive to head the agency under the George Bush administration, who had the mining industries and political interests as priorities and not the safety in operations as the agency formed to oversea was supposed to do.
So if the perception by the public is that Government agencies fail to addres basic critical issues, be it within the MSHA, EPA, FDA or IRS all of these agencies have had discrepancies or scandals in the past decade-...

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...they can, to avoid inflating their prices of their goods. Consequently this has forced the commercial road transportation industry to innovate both in technology and through behavior to reduce the cost of diesel use, which has had the added benefit of reducing carbon and making the highways safer.
And so if we heavily tax hydrocarbon producers and importers and use a apart of the revenue generated to subsides consumers to keep the cost of energy affordable, and with the remaining revenue invest in infrastructure such as public transportation and electrical grid access to wind, solar and other alternative clean energy producers. Energy companies will have to innovate to stay in business and because of the way in which taxes will have to be collected and dispersed they’ll be greater transparency, accountability and public interest. Everybody loves a tax refund.
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