What a Guy Wants

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Haven't you ever wondered what guys find more attractive in women out of all the beauty trends that women have? Haven't you ever liked someone and wondered how you should look like before you approach them? Well if you follow these pieces of advice, based on random men that were surveyed, then you are guaranteed to attract a man in no time. Have you ever considered leaving your hair down? Well if you haven't then you might want to start. It has been proven that men find women more attractive when they have their hair down. This is because they believe that it is an easier pull, and it is also easier for them to run their fingers through it in their make-out moment. Guys want to be able to play around with your hair, and wearing your hair down just looks more natural. Have you ever thought about curling your hair a little or adding subtle highlight streaks? Well if you haven't, these looks often attract the majority of men. Men prefer beachy waves as opposed to the regular straight hair and big curls because regular straight hair gets boring and big curls are too exotic. Men believe...
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