What You Need to Know Before You Invest in Horse Racing

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Legendary thoroughbred racehorse trainer and Australian Racing Hall of Fame member, David Hayes once said, ‘Buying a horse is like buying venture capital stock. The pay-offs will be better than the incremental returns you might experience playing the stock market.’

For the past centuries, horse-racing' class='brand-secondary'>horse racing was a sport only played by the rich. It became extremely popular among the members of the royalty and the aristocracy that horse racing, or thoroughbred racing, was branded as the “Sport of Kings”.

Fast forward to today and anyone who wants to enter the world of horse racing can purchase or own a thoroughbred racehorse. Yes, you read it right! Owning a racehorse is now open to ordinary folks like us; it’s not just limited to the people who move in elevated social circles.

Horse racing: Is it worth investing on?

If you chose to invest in the horse racing industry and become part of its lifestyle, one thing that you need to remember is that horse racing is, first and foremost, a sport.

People who invest in horse racing is in for the thrill and enjoyment that they get from the ...

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