What You Eat Is Your Business By Radely Balko

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Obesity is a global medical issue where people are confused between eating and dieting. I am an Omani student, and back in Oman, it has the same issue as the United States does. Both society try to stop their people from having obesity. However, “What You Eat is Your Business” written by Radely Balko explains how government allow unhealthy food to spread out over the country, and in return the government tries to push people to focus on health care systems where people may not be able to do it. Beside on that, American people try to reduce their meals or eat just a few amount of food without differentiate between health and unhealthy food, and that is because they want to become healthier, which Mary Maxfield clarifies that on her article “Food…show more content…
Beside on that, Balko argues with the government recommendation of health care systems, and it is willing to pay for citizens’ medication due to poor eating and living habits. He says, “Your heart attack drives up the cost of my premiums and office visits” (467). How it is possible to make offers for people instead of fighting companies that sell unhealthy food. He also points out, “For decades now, America 's health care system has been migrating towards socialism” (467). His point is that if the government would start to put lows to these companies in order to stop their widespread. As a result, the government needs to address this problem by providing health care systems, and this requires citizens to pay for it. I believe it is true that government might make a billion of dollars from health care systems as profits. On the other hand, government does not do anything for the companies that provide unhealthy food or food that has more than the average amount of calories so the government truly allows these companies to spread out their products, and citizens are

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