What Would Be A Better Way Of Starting The Second Part Of The Best?

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What could be a better way of starting the second part of the semester than starting it with a boot camp eating my favorite food pizza. The whole step of design thinking sounded exciting to me. Especially, when Dr. Martin went over each step, giving us ample time to go over and practice those steps. I could feel my nerves when we were competing against other teams in the boot camp to get the most number of sticky notes on the walls with as many ideas as we can come up with. Even though we did not have the most number of ideas, I felt our solution for solving the problem of cleanliness was one of the best. I developed a confidence for upcoming D-T project when I came out from Trice because of the enthusiasm shown by my group members during boot camp and coordination seen in my teammates while coming up with ideas. The actual D-T started with an empathy step where we began from the bottom by brainstorming ideas to come up with one major sustainability issue in Wesleyan College. After deciding to do our project on ‘The Misuse of Electrical Energy’, we then worked on getting interviews of three people from Wesleyan. The first challenge I faced during the first step of D-T was less involvement of my group members in taking interviews. One of my team members is a commuter, one works off campus while one member was out of town. Therefore, I and Ying had to interview two Wesleyan students despite of having a test the other day. However, I felt the interview with the students went well as we had expected it to go. I was able to empathize with them and gather as many information as I could for our project. During those days I felt that I was lagging behind in my inability to speak and stand for myself. I was being considerate about my tea... ... middle of paper ... ... Therefore, for me the journey of design thinking was like a roller coaster ride. Somedays I felt I had the best group members than I can ever imagine, whereas some days I felt like I do not belong in that group. However, I think I learned many things from the experience with D-T. I can use the skills I have gained from D-T in my later life. D-T consisted of different steps and we worked on one and proceed to another. Likewise, life is a journey where we should always take one step at a time and in that way we will succeed. Furthermore, I was encountered with different kinds of people, thus I learned to deal with them and maintain a good relationship with them. Lastly, I believe D-T is a perfect thing to offer to the freshmen student because it helps students to work in collaboration while developing creativity and force them to come up with an innovative ideas.

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