What Was The Most Important Events Of The American Revolution?

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The American Revolution was a series of events that helped to establish the United States as an entity separate from the British Crown. Several events took place to help mold the United States into what it is known as today; the most important of these events would be the war. Conflict began to rise after the French and Indian war when Britain had spent well over the amount intended and put themselves in debt. To compensate for the debt that had accrued Britain decided to increase taxes in the American colonies. This started an uproar within the colonies causing the Americans to take matters in to their own hands, which led to the American Revolution. The first indication that a fight for independence would happen was the British returning from the war and…show more content…
However pamphlets that showed the British soldiers opening fire on colonist were passed around and increased hate for the British. The Boston Tea Party was another significant event that took place during this time. This action was a protest to the Tea Act which gave the British East India Company the ability to monopolize Tea exported to the colonists. A group of seventy men disguised as Indians went onto the ships docked on the Boston Harbor and dump the tea into the sea. This gave rise to the American War of Independence. In response the British Parliament put the Intolerable Acts in place. This shut down the Boston Harbor until the British East India Company were compensated for the destroyed tea. This was inconvenient but Americans supported their fellow colonists by sending them food and supplies to Boston. The Quebec act was also passed and it extended French Canadian territory into the borders of New York and Pennsylvania. The First Continental Congress took place with 12 delegates in 1774 to discuss the acts that had been but in place. During this meeting the American colonists petitioned the Parliament along with King George III and British citizens to repeal the acts and create a
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