What Was Raoul Gustav Wallenberg?

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“I will never be able to go back to Sweden without knowing inside myself that I’d done all a man could do to save as many Jews as possible.” A quote given by a holocaust upstander, Raoul Gustav Wallenberg. Raoul Gustav Wallenberg, along with many others, helped Jewish people escape from Nazi’s during the holocaust. He was one of many who helped hide Jews, and or helped Jews escape the holocaust horrors, proving that he is an upstander to the holocaust. Raoul unlike many other holocaust upstander’s had been born into a very privileged childhood. His family gave him opportunities that another child could only dream of having. Raoul Gustav Wallenberg was born near Stockholm, Sweden on August 4th, 1912. (Biography) Sadly during the time period of 1912, Raoul’s father, Raoul Oskar Wallenberg, who was a lieutenant in the Swedish navy, passed away due to cancer about 3 months before Raoul Gustav Wallenberg was born. With Raoul’s father being deceased, Raoul’s grandfather, Gustav Wallenberg decided to take care of his grandson’s education. Gustav Wallenberg gave Raoul a great education, he raised Raoul as a citizen of the world,…show more content…
He was one of many that helped hide Jews during the holocaust, and or helped Jewish people escape the holocaust horrors, proving that he is an upstander of the holocaust. Wallenberg decided to help many people for the couple of years that he was in Budapest. Raoul Gustav Wallenberg would be remembered for something like this until the day that he died. Raoul’s bravery, kindness, help, and support towards the Jewish people showed that he cared enough to help them when he could have stayed in Sweden and ignored the letter. Raoul Wallenberg is truly a holocaust upstander, because without people like him we would have ne Jewish people left to be our friends, or our family. This shows how Raoul Gustav Wallenberg is a holocaust
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