What Was Learned From the 2000 Presidential Election?

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The 2000 President Election isn’t considered to be the typical election that occurs every four years in our society. I am opening up the discussion of this important topic in American presidential history by first sharing a fact that not many people may know: there have been three previous presidential elections in which one candidate won the popular vote but not the electoral vote and lost the election. The 2000 Presidential Election was considered to be one of the most highly contested elections in presidential election history (Summary). The election was between Governor George W. Bush (R-TX) and Vice President Al Gore (D-TN). On Election Day night, news stations across the country were all giving an early win of Florida to Gore and this ended up proving to be a major upset in the end. It was however, before Gore’s concession speech, that Florida was then declared too close to call. This gave Gore the time he needed to cancel his concession speech and declare a recount. However, in the end, Bush ended up winning the electoral votes and was declared President-Elect. The 2000 election proved to be a tough battle for both candidates, especially with Florida being a major contender in the loss for Al Gore. If the recount continued as planned, the outcome may have well ended with a different candidate in the position of President. When looking at the candidates who ran for office in this election, it’s best to understand how each came into politics and where their advantages and disadvantages lie by looking at the information through a bibliographical perspective to help better comprehend the outcome of the election and how it ended the way it did. As mentioned previously, the candidates running in this election were Vice Preside... ... middle of paper ... ...George W. Bush." October 31, 2013. http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/president/biography.html (October 31, 2013). "Biography: Al Gore."2000. October 31. http://clinton4.nara.gov/WH/EOP/OVP/ovpbio_bottom.html (October 31, 2013). "Help America Vote Act." October 31. http://www.eac.gov/about_the_eac/help_america_vote_act.aspx (October 31, 2013). "Summary of the 2000 Presidential Election."2012. October 31. http://www.2000presidentialelection.com/summary-of-the-2000-presidential-election/. (October 31, 2013). Jerz, Dennis G. 2000. Why Usability Testing Matters -- Palm Beach County Ballot Design Raises Questions about Election 2000. Dennis G. Jerz: Dennis G. Jerz. http://jerz.setonhill.edu/design/usability/use-ballot.htm. (October 31, 2013). Parenti, Michael. 2007. October 31. http://www.michaelparenti.org/stolenelections.html (October 31, 2013).

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