What Values Are Gained Through Education And Individualism

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What values are gained through education and individualism in America? The morals of education and individualism open the horizon for American’s through achieving a profession, find motivation within themselves to succeed, and knowing how to maintain that success. Once those accomplishments are acquired they become symbols of what an individual can achieve within their nation in becoming part of a productive community. Additionally, further recycling those gain opportunities of success amongst the following generation of American’s to help further prosper their country. The idea of success runs deep in all American minds and they feel the best way to achieve this value is to acquire an education. Therefore, according to Merriam-Webster (n.d.) education is defined as “the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university.” Additionally, individualism is defined as a being who rises from the bottom and acquires the highest position in society or profession, in addition to no fault being placed on the social system if they succumb to failure (Henslin, J. M., 2014). Therefore, with education, we develop an idea of individualism and how to go about structuring our profession if not our personal life. For example, the lack of education creates a hole in which to think critically; edifice our lives around how we plan our project at work or pay the bills at home. Additionally, according to Rivara, K. (2013) “With 24/7 shopping and around the clock corporate televised news and entertainment, Americans are completely engrossed in a consumer society that marginalizes critical thinking and intellectual creativity.” As a result of thinking critically, we learn to individually stand on our own, bu... ... middle of paper ... ...trate my individual capabilities around my profession. This ability could be as simple as proficiently planning and drawing blueprints for a new electrical system for a building. Through demonstrating my skill, I got promoted two ranks within one year over the usual one rank, which further confirmed that I can stand by myself within my team through the education I obtained. In conclusion, education does lead a person to develop a form of individualism. On its own individualism can create a barrier to communication, but alongside proper tutelage an individual can learn to follow or lead others to triumph. With individualism and education, you learn to control how you acquire your accomplishments, and where you go with that success. As a result, you become a valued symbol of success for other and inspire them to persevere in the face of adversity to achieve triumph.
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