What Type Of Power Currency Does Landry Use To Build A Relationship With Tyra Case Study

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• What type(s) of power currency does Landry use to build a relationship with Tyra?
In my opinion, Landry only used expertise currency to build the relationship with Tyra because Tyra has way better resource, social network, personal, and intimacy currency than Landry, and expertise currency is the only currency which Tyra lacks of. Besides, Tyra happened to want to work hard on her academic performance, so that Landry has an opportunity using his expertise currency to reach his goal which is befriend with Tyra.
• Identify two challenges that Lyla and Jason face in resolving the conflicts in their relationships. Be specific about the type of challenge.
One challenge is romantic betrayal which both of them made the same mistake. Lyla cheated
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They did not have dramatic initiating stage, and Julie even refused to have lunch with Matt at the first. Instead of active pursuit, Matt chose to start slow and caught every opportunity that chat with Julie and understand her life, so gradually Julie has feeling about Matt, and they started their relationship. They are like friends that care about each other’s lives, for example, Julie saw Matt was worry because of his father and she tried to help out. Also, Julie said that they have to have sex, but they stop at the last moment before starting because Matt respected Julie like a friend, so he did not force her to…show more content…
Tammy’s parenting style is that family can discuss everything among every family member, so Tammy had a conversation with Julie after her saw Matt buying condom in the store which most families would avoid this kind of topic. On the other hand, Taylor’s family is also high conformity orientation, and the most frequent said phrase which Eric says to Julie is something like “I am your father, so you have to listen to me,” so Julie has to listen to her parents on many things. For example, she did not want to go the father and daughter dance, but Tammy told Julie that she “must” go to the dance, and eventually they went to the