What Type Of Leader Are You?

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What Type of Leader Are You? As an experienced leader the style of management I currently use has been defined over the years by what I have experienced from my previous leaders. In some cases the experience I had with a leader led me to believe I never wanted to lead using their style. On the other hand, there were those leaders that I wanted to emulate and learn from. Every leader is different, it is all about us finding what is going to work for us, and each team we lead. How Do I Make Decisions One of the things I learned as young girl was to be clear, and get straight to the point. My parents did not enjoy seeing their children do what they called, "beating around the bush". I took the same approach as grew into a leader in my profession. I take the data that is provided or discovered, and come up with a quick clear cut solution. I do not need lots of information to make a decision just the pertinent information. I sometimes find myself becoming frustrated with individuals who drag out a decision that is detrimental to mine and their success. In the leadership book, For Your ...

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