What The Human Genome Revolution Could Mean For Me And The Rio Grande Valley

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What The Human Genome Revolution Could Mean For Me And The Rio Grande Valley The human genome revolution will have as big an impact on the average person as it does on the scientist researching it. Millions of people throughout the world will benefit from this experimentation. Understanding genetic material and the ability to pinpoint errors in genes, may lead to the prevention of many genetic diseases. The ultimate goal is to use research to develop new ways to treat, care, or even prevent the thousands of diseases that afflict humankind. Although the scientific community delivers many contributions to this scientific accomplishment, the road to a new age of disease free human life is long and rocky with struggles and disbelief. Whether inherited or resulting from the body’s response to environmental stresses, all diseases have a genetic component. The advances in this field hold an excellent future for treating and curing genetic diseases. Scientists can do this by using normal genes to supplement defective genes and to bolster immunity to disease. In the Rio Grande Valley, an area dominated by Hispanic ancestry, many genetic diseases, such as diabetes, are common illnesses suffered by many people. According to the Mendelian Laws of Heredity, diabetes is an inherited disease, resulting from a recessive trait and affecting millions of people throughout the United States, especially people of Hispanic origins. When the body cannot make full use of some foods we eat, mainly carbohydrates of sugars and starches, a large gland under the stomach called the pancreas does not make available enough insulin to burn these foods as energy or sto... ... middle of paper ... ...ent of most, if not all, human diseases.” The human genome revolution affects the Rio Grande Valley and myself because it will help to treat and prevent genetic diseases that others and I may be afflicted by. This research is important, especially to couples, because every baby born deserves a chance in life in a disease free world. The research is also significant to those who suffer from diabetes; they too deserve a life free of physical illnesses and constant medical care. In my life, I personally know and love many people that have been affected by these genetic diseases and helping them receive treatment will be the greatest gift of love I could ever offer. I know there are also many people that feel the same, because everyone has a special person in their life, a family member, friend, peer or acquaintance that will benefit from this remarkable research.

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