What The Fuck? Slashing Tires

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What the fuck? Slashing tires? Is this the fucking 1970s? I pace beside my vandalized car, trying and failing to contain my anger. “Who the fuck does Kaitlyn think she is? And Ryan Simms? Of course they make a great couple, they’re both fucking sociopaths!” Aiden walks back towards me from seeing if his car was vandalized, the sound of his footsteps echoing in the dark deserted parking lot since my car alarm automatically turned off a few minutes ago. “Is your car—” “It’s fine,” he cuts me off, walking around my car to inspect it again. “They didn’t touch it?” I’m kind of surprised. Ryan hates Aiden more than Batman hates the Joker, and Kaitlyn isn’t his biggest fan either. “Simms knows it’d be pointless slashing my tires, I get new ones practically every few weeks.” “What? Why would you need to get new tires every—” Aiden waves me off, “Never mind. Plus, I’d kill him if he touched my car.” I wouldn’t doubt that. “Also,” he nods towards the security cameras at the top of the school, “I park in perfect view of the security cameras. Your car is parked out of reach of any of them.” I scowl, “I can’t believe they were smart enough to figure that out. Maybe together they have half a working brain.” In retrospect, Kaitlyn’s mom is the principle, she would know where the cameras don’t reach. I shake my head and continue to pace while Aiden continues to inspect my car. I really have enough stuff to worry about, and now I have Adolf Titler and Nazi Ken to worry about? “Amelia?” The hesitation in his voice makes me pause my furious pacing and look over at him expectantly. “All 4 tires were slashed—” he states the obvious. “I KNOW, Aiden,” I snap. “And the driver’s side of the car was keyed,” he finishes. It’s dead silent for a singl... ... middle of paper ... ...fault I can’t be Thea Kennedy anymore. I know it’s not his fault that Kaitlyn and Ryan vandalized my car. And I definitely know that Aiden wasn’t pretending to care about me: his countless past actions have proved otherwise. But a bigger part of me is saying it doesn’t care. It’s saying that I’m fed up with drama and pain and emotional rollercoasters. It’s saying maybe Aiden is better off without me. It’s saying that all I’ve ever done is cause hurt, pain, and suffering to the towns that I’ve moved too. It’s saying that I’m so emotionally damaged that I’m better off alone. I finally get to the school, where I left all my stuff sitting on the floor in the hallway. I reach out and pull on the handle, but it doesn’t budge. I try the other door and get the same result. No. No. No. No. This isn’t happening. I frantically pull on both handles at the same time. Locked.

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