What Motivates Suicide Bombers?

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Ever since the Muslim extremists attacked the World Trade Centers, the word extremist fits in the same category as being a terrorist also, known as the suicide bomber. People never know when a tragedy such as a bombing could happen, some examples could be: Boston Marathon, Poe Elementary School bombing, and in 2005 The University of Oklahoma bombing. Just think a bombing could occur at any day time or hour. To start off the role of a suicide bomber from their views is to, go on a mission and kill their target as well as killing their selves. The biggest motivation for a suicide bomber is the despair and hopelessness in their lives. They also get motivated because of promises of afterlife’s, not to mention American imperialism (Lauri Friedman). Suicide bombers can be from any age and have all kinds of educational backgrounds. Their personal lives differ and what goes on at home can be a reason for their decisions of becoming one (Lauri Friedman). Islamic schools groom suicide bombers. The system has become a hatchery for tens of thousands of muttons who have spread conflict around the world. This conflict has become more of a problem then just suicides. Suicide bombers are normally people who don’t think they have anything to live for, so they decide to kill their selves in order to kill their enemies. Eventually all people must become Muslims before they can be an actual suicide bomber. Some children don’t have homes and are forced to sleep on the cold school floors. Others may sleep in tents on the cold hard ground. Suicide bombers mainly try to kill their enemy. If they do not have an enemy, they may create an enemy first, such as Iranian and Islamic people. They both hate America in some way (Lauri Friedman). Children an suicide bombers and some Islamic parents make their kids become a suicide bomber just because they can. As a child they would have no choice but to obey their parents. Television shows that are violent really influence the mind of a bomber. Any electronic device can seriously harm their minds to a point where there is no return. The bomber acts in contests with the others who put their own values ahead and reinforce attitudes (Lauri Friedman). The suicide bomber has been around for 33 years that’s over 3 century’s The first suicide bomber was found in 1980.