What Makes a Good Teacher

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In the early years of education students were punished for things such as writing left-handed and speaking a language other than English in the class room. In the years since then there have been many changes and advances in the field of education. These changes include everything from how to treat students in the classroom, to what to teach students, and which students were deemed fit to be educated. Another area, in which this profession has undertaken growth and development, is the qualities that teacher need to possess in order for them to become more effective in the education of their students. In this paper I will discuss the qualities that are necessary for effective teaching, supported with information from an interview with Dr. Ginny Maurer.

Since the education profession is one that is ever evolving and constantly changing, it is very important for teacher to possess the qualities that are needed in order for them to be as effective as possible. One of these qualities is being able to motivate students to push themselves to learn. The able to create a passion within the student for an education is something that every teacher should be striving for during their career. In my interview with Dr. Maurer, she said that getting to know your students and making the class as interesting and engaging as possible are two ways to help motivate students toward an education. She went on to say that teachers need to plan around the students, be realistic, and as interactive as possible. By motivating students to think for themselves, they will be able to accomplish more and become the leaders of their own lives.

The second quality, that is important for an effective teacher, is knowing as much of the cutting edge information tha...

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...ers to be criticized by one another for poor teaching that could easily be fixed with professional development and further training in one’s subject.

With all of the qualities that teachers need to possess in order to become an effective teacher the main thing to remember is that teaching is all about the little thing. A teacher, no matter how great, will never be able to radically transform the life of every student they come into contact with. Nevertheless an effective teacher will never stop trying and they will, more times than not, have a positive effect in the lives all of their students. In conclusion teaching is about having fun, being flexible, working with others in order to add substance to the topic, and leading students down the path to an education that will continue to enrich their lives for years after the classroom doors have closed behind them.
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