What Makes a Country Rich or Poor?

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If a country is lacking in resources, then that country would be determined to be poor in wealth. Some countries have resources, but are unable to obtain the resources either by corruption or the lack of up-to-date technology. The lack of resources would make countries unable to get their own source of revenue, whether it is from selling these resources or keeping the resources for financial backup. Most of the countries that are poor are from corruption. The leaders that support corruption spend the countries’ wealth in a free and lavish lifestyle. These countries usually have strong currencies, which mean that the money isn’t worth what it seems. The countries impede other exports because resource extraction comes with no establishment of jobs, an increase in unemployment; and owned resources are priced unfairly. Aid is needed from international banks, and these banks come assist the poor countries when commodity prices are great and then leave when the countries are their lowest rankings. Moreover, these resource-rich countries usually make uneducated decisions including becoming involved in conspiracies. Leaders of poor or corrupted countries fail to realize that if their revenue isn’t reinvested into productive investments above ground, then they will actually become even poorer. “Political dysfunction exacerbates the problem, as conflict over access to resource rents gives rise to corrupt and undemocratic governments” (Stiglitz). It is obvious that certain gains from natural occurrences need to be managed in a way so countries will be able to become symbolically richer. Overruling power is another way that countries become poor, which includes corruption.
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