What Makes The Necklace Childish

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456 words

In the story, “The Necklace”, the main character, Madame Loisel is very childish. In the beginning of the story she is thinking about all the things she wants to fit in with the other wealthy people. Not poor, but not rich, but she did seem ungrateful for everything she did have. Her husband was in charge of keeping her happy and keeping them substantial. There was a time when her husband had bought tickets to a ball or dance. He’d mentioned that most people wait for tickets and he had them in his palm. After proudly showing her the tickets, she threw them on the ground not satisfied. She had mentioned that she needs a beautiful dress to attend such an event. Her husband had suggested that he could give her the money he saved up for a new rifle. So she went out and bought a dress for four hundred francs. After she …show more content…

The debt was put on herself and her husband. She complained profusely in the beginning saying she had nothing. Yet, she had all she needed. In time she worked and worked, her husband put himself into major debt. H risked his life and his signature to pay for the mistake his wife made. Madame Loisel didn’t let her husband do it alone of course. She worked like she was poor, by the time her debts were paid she didn’t look like herself, she looked old and tired. If she would have been grateful and honest with her friend, the situation would not be as crucial. From what I understand from the story is that she expects more than her husband can afford. Even though he could not get her all that she wanted, he tried to make her happy but she would throw it away; it was not what she wanted, it wasn’t something rich. Furthermore, she is very childish and ungrateful. Besides the fact that she was not poor nor rich, she still had all the necessities a person needs to be happy and survive. All in all, she was puerile, dissatisfied and finally realized that she didn’t what she had until it was

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how madame loisel, the main character in "the necklace", is childish and ungrateful for everything she has.
  • Analyzes how madame loisel's debt was put on herself and her husband, who risked his life and his signature to pay for the mistake his wife made.
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