What Makes Scientists Search?

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What Makes Scientists Search?

According to Bishop, science has come to a higher position than before. "And the fruits of scientific inquiry have vastly enlarged human knowledge" (237). Regardless of that, people have formed their beliefs about science into two categories. Some people criticized science in being harm for human kind. In the other hand, there are those who belief that humanity needs science in order to reach a better way of life. I believe there has been a misunderstanding about the issue of science because people do not know how scientists think. People only likes to be observers and do not like to get involve in science. I believe that those who benefit from the results of science should ask themselves what moves the minds of the scientists to invent and seek for answers? I asked myself, is it their ego, knowledge, ambition, or simple curiosity?

One reason why people is not involve in the issue of science is simply because they do not have enough knowledge of how science works. Who are the ones who controlled the study of science? The answer is scientists; therefore, I believe they have the responsibilities to educate the people about science in order for them not to feel afraid toward science. Bishop explain in his essay “Enemies of Promise” that scientists should do something about it to removed our fears, “science is the art of the possible, of the soluble” (239).

However, Bishop also says that regardless of that there is still a feeling of fear toward science because science has been considered to be dangerous for some people. I do not think science is dangerous, in the contrary, I believe that science has contributed to cures for diseases. If scientists do not have knowledge to find cures for dise...

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... evolved a lot. Therefore, the practice of science has become normal to some people and I agree when Bishop mentions that science is a “continuing thing”. Humanity is characterized to do whatever it takes to seek knowledge and to get a better life. In conclusion, I think scientists take risks by practicing researches when they do not know the results until they see the final product. I believe that in some point of our lives we need to take risks because if we do not take risks we will never find out what difference could we make in society.

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