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Happiness has been and will be debatable topic that will carry on decades from now. It seems to be not one definite definition based on people’s perception of what it really means to be happy or what bring about happiness. Most people may believe it is just an end goal while others take it as the foundation to further greatness. People seem to usually draw happiness from a vast number of things. Generally, happiness comprises of an emotional and psychological state of well-being that can be characterized through pleasing and positive emotions such as joy contentment. Still, happiness has been researched and defined differently on the basis of religious views, biological views, philosophical and psychological views. In this essay, I will clarify…show more content…
Studies show that people confuses material things or momentary joy to be happiness. In both articles, Sex Makes People Happy and Happiness Study: Money, Sex, and Alcohol Are the Keys After All by William Smith, explains how people believes money, sex and alcohol makes them happy. All people are not alike, so what might bring happiness to someone might not be the same for another. College Students Who Binge Drink Say They're Happier by Alan Mozes, recounts how college student binge drink believes they are happier but in truth they are not. The article also states that even college students are supposed to be “happier”, they drink to fit in socially and receive higher status. Which proves Deepak Chopra article, Why You Don’t Want to Be Happy correct. Individuals tend to minimize their own happiness by pursuing short term joy. Most people may believe that they can be happy even with material wealth. But then again, not all wealthy individuals are happy. Not all drunks are happy, they are in fact mostly miserable. Therefore, happiness is definitely more than what we think it is. It’s not just an end goal. But, something that is unceasing and is originated on beliefs that go beyond having pleasure and attaining tangible things that we want than…show more content…
Everything I Know About Life I Learned from Groundhog Day by Tracy Moore, recounts the life of Phil and his quest to find and be happy. Phil never truly found happiness until he started to create relationships with people instead of trying to fake his way through life. Tracy Moore wrote “but it isn't until he taps into something authentic an actual, honest to god appreciation for his fellow man/woman — that he stands a chance in hell at being happy”. Happiness is a psychological well-being that brings inner fulfilment and not necessarily with the existence of substantial things. Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin recounts C.G. Jung’s five keys to happiness are good health, good relationships, having the ability to cope with life, the ability to notice the art and beauty in nature and being a hard working. Happiness is not something you seek but something that takes effort in connecting with oneself, people and the beauty of the world. Happiness is pleasing but most importantly, it includes engaging and discovering the meaning of life. Individuals can choose to be happy when everything around them is not perfect or where they will expect to accomplish in life. Never try to seek happiness, C.G. Jung believes “the more you are not to find

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