What Makes An Effective Health Care Leader?

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In the scenario, Kate Dyer has repeatedly found Susan her subordinate, to be consistently behind in her work. In addition Susan has failed to submit a detailed list of suggestions of how her duties might be divided among her co-workers. However, leadership is only effective when the executive leader can examine their own performance and leadership style. Asking Susan to draft up a detailed list, of how to share her job duties among her staff members is actually Kate’s management function. Finally, Kate is neglecting her management duties of determining why Susan is unable to complete her assigned job duties. Allowing a staff member to perform a line function violates the healthcare organization’s policy and procedures of the authority and position inherent in Kate’s management position. First Kate’s management approach is lacking leadership and may result in lowering employee morale. Increasing Susan’s coworkers workload without evaluating and guiding the work performance of Susan is negligence on Kate’s position as a manager. There are four styles of leadership, (a) coerci...

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