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What Makes An American? (The Qualities that Make Someone an American) What makes a person an American? Americans cannot be noticed by their looks or by the language they speak. The people that make up the population of the United States are of all ethnicities, cultures, and religions. An American does not discriminate another because of their gender or skin color. All Americans are free, but to be a true American they understand what it means to be free. An American is someone that is part of a melting pot, someone who knows what equality is and understands what it means to be free. Americans are a part of a melting pot because America is made up of all ethnicities, cultures and religions. When people first came to America, they were from England, Spain, and France. Then a little while later, people from Africa came to America. Others from all around the world slowly trickled in. Immigrants came in seek of freedom and safety after WWI and even…show more content…
But even though slavery was abolished, the discrimination against African Americans didn 't stop, which lead to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950 's and 1960 's. The Civil Rights Movement lead to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which granted equal rights for all American citizens, no matter color, ethnicity, race, gender, or religion. Now all Americans have the right to vote and are protected under the law. America, even though our history isn 't the most graceful thing to look back on, Americans, beginning in school are taught about these time periods. When I was younger and in elementary school, we were taught about these points in our history because we learned what life was and what was done to make it the way it is for us today, so we could appreciate how easy our lives are today without discrimination. In America, the true Americans realize the hard journey it took for all citizens to become equal under the law, and therefore they respect and appreciate the rights and equality they

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