What Makes A Safe Environment From An Un-Safe Environment?

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A construction site can be one of the most dangerous places to be according to OSHA there is a total of 350 electrical construction related deaths each year, (Construction etool: Electrical Incidents, (n.d.). When the ever present electrical hazards are taken into account, the possibilities for injuries are greatly magnified. Electricity is an unseen danger, it is something that can’t be easily detected by our five senses, this makes it deadly, people are often unaware of the danger, this is especially true when in the presence of un-trained, and misinformed workers this has the potential to be disastrous The ability to follow electrical safety on the construction site should never be overlooked, it is important to be aware of hazards, and the correct preventative safety measures. Injuries occur every single day and more often than not could have easily been prevented, the statistics show that the rate of injury has improved significantly due to safety efforts compared to the recent past. A contribution to this decrease of accidents is having a safety professional properly trained, who conducts regular safety meetings, and workers having the know how to recognize potential hazards. When working with electricity it is essential that the worker practices the proper safety measures…show more content…
What separates a safe environment from an un-safe environment? What simple steps can be taken to keep workers safe, aware, knowledgeable, and compliant with electrical safety? When working with electricity, it’s not only the worker’s responsibility for their own safety, it is having a trained professional who knows exactly what to look for, this could literally mean life or death for an employee. Being able to distinguish the difference falls into the hands of the safety inspector without this knowledge to recognize potential problems there would ultimately be far more work related injuries or
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