What Makes A Creative Work?

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When deciding on what form of creative work to base my paper on, there were a many ideas on the table, but what caught my attention was the fact that no matter how advanced or ‘civilized’ our society became, we seem to repeat the mistakes of the past. We seem to find a way to dress the evil of this world in different dresses and unleash it onto ourselves. I come from the country of Angola, a country that was oppressed by colonial rule, but we overcame that only to find the hurdle of civil war. We overcame the war as well, yet it did not prepare us to deal with the corruption. Many countries in our world face hardships caused by men that are undeserving of this beautiful planet; however what saddens me is how we, Africans, Americans, Asians, people of this world, accept the reality we have created for ourselves. Of course I commend the many men and women in the past and now who fought/fight for the soul of our humanity. No matter how extraordinary we see these people, we should not feel that their accomplishments are for that of an exclusive club; for we should as well strive to change the world for the better. I will not foolishly accuse us for being indifferent; because most of us do sympathize with those suffering, it is part of our human nature. But is doing nothing part of our human nature as well, is accepting the tragic reality we live in a part of us as well? I wonder if we use our words more because it’s safer than action; are we prone to speak about the tragedies of the world, yet we fear coming out of our own comfortable world. For this poem I decided to concentrate mostly on Southern Africa and the implications our lifestyle has on the lives of many in that continent. My idea for this poem came from a potluck I had ... ... middle of paper ... ... to think that our lives do not affect the lives of a family overseas. In the poem I refer to Africa back home because it 's where I come from and I can relate to the hardships, but one should come to realize that it is home to us all. Whether if it 's Africa, Asia or the Middle East, its home to us all. We live in a world where technological advancements and progress are happening in an accelerated pace, yet we still repeat mistakes of the past. We have eradicated diseases, and made it such that it would take seconds to communicate with someone overseas. So why can 't we use the same efforts to eradicate poverty and injustice in these developing countries. I may sound improbable and idealistic; however I live in the same world where men have been on the moon! Therefore I 'm willing to accepting the responsibility of bringing change in our world, I hope you will too.
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