What Makes A Composition So Good?

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Composition is referred to as musical ideas that has a form of structure. What makes a composition so good is all the various elements that goes along with it. Davis was more than just an extraordinary performer; he was also a dynamic composer, as being one who created compositions. Compositions typically include melody, harmonic structure, rhythm, and texture. Davis used all of these elements within his later compositions that had a lasting impact on generations to come. During the Bebop era, Davis gained much experience in arranging music, so he was not new to arranging for other bands. When Davis just started performing in St. Louis, he was responsible for arranging an array of music for Eddie Randle 's band, the Blue Devils. “Miles emphasized that, “Playing with Eddie Randle and His Blue Devils for one year starting in 1943 when he was 17 years old had to be one of the most important steps in my career. It was with Eddie Randle’s band that I really started opening up with my playing, really got into writing and arranging music.” (Early) Most of Davis’ work had several things in common. Many of his pieces consisted of long melodic lines, lack of space, and dense harmonies. An example of such a musical piece would be his most notable song entitled Donna Lee. Although that song is still a jazz standard until this day, Davis still needed work when it came to his composition skills which all changed when he met Gil Evans. In the late 1940s, Davis met Gil Evans. Evans to many is seen as one of the most important jazz arrangers of all times. Alongside Miles Davis, he played a significant role in the development o f cool jazz, modal jazz, free jazz, and jazz fusion. Gil Evans was known for his ability to bring attention to impuls... ... middle of paper ... ...the craft. In conclusion, it is quite clear that Miles Davis is always a step ahead of his time. Throughout his career he always progressed the music forward and challenged not only himself but the people around him to be better. Davis capitalized on countless elements of melodic, harmonic and motivic movement to make his sound transcend generations. Also, by examining Davis’ live you can notice just how useful collaboration can be and how it can push you to be better. By working with Gil Evans and other great musicians Davis incorporated the use of texture, tone, and the importance of space. It is evident that Miles Davis was the most gifted, intelligent and impactful musician of our times. His unique techniques and approach to creating music for his audience was intentionally crafted to leave an overwhelming impact on those who would listen to his musical story.

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