What Makes A College Degree?

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Fresh High School graduates often find themselves at a crossroads when thinking of their future. In one hand they can choose to obtain higher education and pursue the path of a college degree. The trade off being, going into several thousand dollars in debt and spending at least 2 or more years of their lives studying and working hard. In the other hand they can begin working on a low-end job, choosing the path of easy money with little to no job security, making just barely enough to get by. Completing a college degree is one of the best choices a person can do for themselves, and is well worth the time and money to obtain it. If people are to understand what it means for a college degree to be worth the amount of effort they put into it, they must first define what a college degree’s “worth” is. Disregarding the costs of different majors, the average cost of an associate 's degree from a state public college is about 9,500 dollars for instate students. The amount of time an associate’s degree takes to complete is about 2 years time with at least 90 credit hours completed in level 100-200 classes. Which is actually a quite short amount of time. Assuming a student is working part-time while going to school at federal minimum wage (7.25 dollars an hour), it will take approximately 1,310 work hours to pay off the tuition debt. This equates to about 10 months worth of time working on a 30 hour part time work week. Buts it 's never that simple. About half of that money will go to taxes and other student necessities, such as transportation, school supplies, maybe even food and housing if the student is living on their own. With half their paycheck accounted for, it will take another 10 months to be able to pay off their debt, which st... ... middle of paper ... ...nt, travel, dental and much more. Many of these job benefits are rarely ever offered in jobs for High School graduates. No one wants to work nine to five flipping burgers at a Mcdonald 's for the rest of their life. Finally, college education offers graduates a broader range of skills than those taught to most High School graduates, that help them better perform in these challenging and life satisfying jobs. Ultimately, people often decide against obtaining a college degree because of the cost or the amount of time it takes. They may be content to receive low-end minimum wage paying job and to live with just enough to get by. But they need to understand that obtaining a college degree is not only an investment in one 's future but in the future of one’s family. Getting a college degree is worth it and will continue to pay its worth off many times over in the future.

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