What Makes A Bully?

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Have you ever tried to make someone cry or become afraid of you? How do you feel when you know that someone is afraid of you? Hurting individuals physically and emotionally is what a bully feed off of. A bully has some characteristics of things like they lack empathy and concern for others. They are also hot-tempered, have underdeveloped social skills, torn or dirty clothing’s, and sometimes might carry a weapon. In the movies a bully is portrayed as a person who is bigger, stronger, and tend to target someone much smaller or different than them. Bullying can be verbal, physical, or written harassment. Being bully could happen to anyone, anywhere, in your community and school. Bullies show aggression and make threats to gain dominance over their peers. Youngsters who do not defend themselves or seek assistances are also preyed on. The things that makes-up a bully is intimidation, humiliation, and domination.
Firstly, bullies come in all shapes and size usually they are
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The only way to identify a bully is by their actions. That’s why I said that having domination over someone also makes a bully. Bullies often need to feel powerful and in control. They usually control others through verbal abuse and insults to make a person feel small about themselves. Bullies have domination over their victims when their behavior gets rewarded. What I mean about their behavior gets rewarded is when a bully takes their victim lunch money or belongings. They get rewarded by gaining attention or power because others fear them. These rewards reinforce the bully behavior and encourage them to keep pushing others around. For instance, a bully might want to feel superior and in control because he or she did not get enough attention from their parents or feel less worthy. That is why bullies have this desire for power, which makes them impulsive, hot-headed, and able to subdue
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