What Is Weather And The Atmosphere?

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Assessment Plan

Assessment Objectives Accommodations
Carousel brainstorm:
This assessment is a form of oral questioning. There will be four questions posted around the room asking various questions about weather and the atmosphere for example: What is atmosphere? Why does weather happen? Where does weather happen? Where does come from? The students will walk around the room and write an answer to each question on the butcher paper below it. This assessment will not be graded. I will use the children’s answers to correct their misconceptions about weather and the atmosphere in future lessons. 1. Define the atmosphere as being made of air and water All of the desks would have to be moved to the center of the room to give the
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The students will be given a list of weather (clouds, fog, rain, ice, snow, sleet, or hail) and will be expected to sort them into categories based on their similar water or air conditions. The students will receive one point for grouping the words based on water or air conditions and one point for each weather condition they correctly categorize. 1. Categorize the weather that would result from different states of water and the condition of the air (clouds, fog, rain, ice, snow, sleet, or hail) in a graphic organizer For student K I will cut out pre-typed slips of paper with the words clouds, fog, rain, ice, hail, snow, and sleet and let him glue the words onto the paper in the categories as opposed to writing. Students J, A, S and R will be permitted to…show more content…
I will interview the students one-on-one and they will orally give an example of evaporation, condensation, freezing, thawing and precipitation with the appropriate combination of energy changes in water, air and land that produce it. For example, when spring came the air warmed and the frozen pond thawed. The students will receive one point for mentioning the air condition, one point for mentioning the condition of the water and one point for the appropriate terminology. For a total of three points per question and a possible of fifteen points for the entire interview. 1. The atmosphere is made of air and
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