What Is Waste Management Essay

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The issue with waste is that it has to go somewhere. Where does the waste go? Well, it tends to go to the local streams and rivers. When the waste goes to the local streams and river, the waters become contaminated. Cities and counties rely on these local water sources to provide fresh drinking, bathing, and cleaning water to the populace. This in turn becomes a huge problem.
For the longest time people thought that dilution was the cure for contaminated water. Improvements in science and technology have made it possible to study such things and learn more about the contamination. The following paper discussions the waste management of my local city, the City of Fredericksburg, VA. The city is a hotspot for tourism because of the Civil War battlefields, George Washington’s boyhood home, popular medical colleges, just to name a few.
The issues herein are not just from chemical spills and vehicle pollutions but also from natural sediment deposits. These sediment deposits also play a role in the contamination of
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The quality of the local water must remain of superb quality or the City of Fredericksburg could lose economic benefits that tourism brings to the town. The local water is also used for providing the population with drinking water, water to bath, and other human use purposes.
Conclusion In conclusion, the waste management movements, laws, and demands have improved the overall health of the waters in and around the City of Fredericksburg. Plant and animal life has also benefited from the water quality improvements. Even though this may be true, the process is always being performed, calculated, and improved. The laws being in place still will not be enough for the “fix-it-all” status for the local waters. Local populace diligence will be key for improving and maintaining the health of the local

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