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Walt Disney World Resorts is the ultimate vacation destination. With four theme parks, two water parks, a downtown shopping district, a plethora of resort hotels and more, it has plenty to offer its diverse guests. I visit Walt Disney World at least once a year, and sometimes more if I am able to. With every visit, the more things I find to love about it. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the riveting attractions, the stores, restaurants, and everything else. Personally, Walt Disney world never loses its magic. Going on a trip to Walt Disney World is like traveling into a world of imagination with its delectable foods, electrifying attractions, and its ability create memories that will last for a lifetime. Walt Disney World has a plethora…show more content…
Only at Walt Disney World is it possible to time travel, explore the cultures of countries around the world, visit lands of fantasy and adventure, and meet classic Disney characters. Walt Disney World offers slower paced rides for the little ones that are not yet tall enough for the main rides, thrilling rollercoasters for more adventurous folk, as well as rides that tell a story to the riders, and they offer handicap‒accessible rides for people of all different abilities. Personally, my favorite ride is Space Mountain. It is fast, thrilling, and being in the dark adds to the exhilaration! More importantly, the most magical part of Walt Disney World is the chance to meet classic Disney characters. Guests can meet Mickey Mouse and all of his friends, as well as visit the princesses in their castles. Every time I visit Walt Disney World, I wait in line to meet my absolute favorite Disney princess‒ Ariel. I first met her as just a little girl, but I still get excited now, at 19‒years‒old, to meet my favorite princess. Clearly, no matter the age of guests, visiting their favorite attraction or meeting their favorite character can brighten their

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