What Is Virtue Ethics Essay

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Midterm: Virtue Ethics In the present world we’re often taught key principles in order to live a flourishing life. Young children especially are often reared in school to become successful, and be the best they can be; and be a good person. We pose the question what does it mean to be a good person? According to Jacques Thiroux & Keith Krasemann mentions, when individuals apply these virtuous behaviors into their daily lives it promotes a decent human being (Thiroux & Krasemann, pg 78). This paper will examine the argument how having virtues can promote a balance in today’s society, and how this virtue ethics can also pose a problem. As mentioned by Thiroux & Krasemann, expresses how the establishment of virtues is based on the measurement of righteous perceptions (72). For instance, as a society we know mainly through trial and error what type of moral codes to develop. Many people undergo errors of society and we established what is common sense because of it. Therefore, virtue ethics isn’t solely on notions to project a list of rules in order to be a decent human being, but to apply these basic principles to how we feel as well (Thiroux & Krasemann, pg.78).
The reason why they author thinks the conclusion is valid because it creates an impartial and regulated community.
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An objection to this virtue ethics is about looking towards having an ideal person that provides a template to the community. Some may argue that it doesn’t give room for diversity in regards to making mistakes. The disposition is mainly the notion of creating a life focused on doing things correctly; it doesn’t seem there is room for error. For instance, we have celebrities who make mistakes all the time, but does that necessarily make them a bad person? Some people 's virtues may consist of learning from those errors in order to be a virtuous
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