What Is Too Much Power In 1984

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1984 is a dystopian book by George Orwell that shows the world what it would be like if the central government controlled every aspect of our lives. Many people may believe that the government has to be strong for the nation to succeed. This novel shows us the many reasons as to why it is not such a good thing and the many problems that will come with it. The central leader “Big Brother” doesn’t even allow the citizens to talk against him in any way! He has many different tactics as to how he enforces it. Big Brother uses fear and hysteria against all the citizens to keep them from even thinking of doing against him through The Thought Police, and the way the government makes everyone think “Big Brother is always watching”. The book shows the third person point of view of a man named Winston Smith, who is against the totalitarian government and how he shows his feelings about the entire government. He doesn’t have many people who believe the same way as him about the government, but as the book goes on he finds out about the Brotherhood, a secret underground society that is against Big Brother. This essay will show you how the theme Too much power in the hands of one person will become corrupt and the many ways to show the way that it goes bad. The government used a way of telling or making everyone think that Big Brother is always watching by either hearing them through the electronic devices from hidden…show more content…
I thought that this would go the best because it could connect to the people of today and how they believe that the government should have all the power instead of the states. This book demonstrates why too much power in the central government would become corrupt, sooner or later. It shows that no matter who the leader is or acts at the beginning of his leadership will become more corrupt no matter how they may act before or even right

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