What Is The Universal Definition Of Diversity

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Roosevelt Thomas brings to my attention many different points on diversity and the specifics of its meaning in the text, “World class diversity management: A strategic approach.” Interpreting that meaning and understanding his explanation of the notion of diversity is something I would like to discuss in this composition. I will declare on the universal definition of diversity and one focused primarily on workforce (demographics). Beginning with initial definition of diversity, I will then move onto the goals and motives, continuing onto the work values and primary focus, and finishing up with managing diversity in the workplace as it is applicable to this discussion. I will compare the differences between these points and
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He further explains that the redefinition of diversity is to label managing diversity as applicable to workforce diversity and to label diversity management relevant to any diverse mixture (Thomas, 2010, p. 129). My initial elucidation of this supportive of why I feel that Thomas’s Quadrant 4 explanation of diversity enhances the concept of diversity. By placing both sides of the universal definition of diversity, Thomas is able to help people be able to distinguish the applicable definition to each situation. Simply put being in the workplace, applying the situations of diversity as managing diversity and outside of these situations, applying them as diversity management. Within a workplace, managing diversity correctly has a direct effect on the growth, balance, and success of an…show more content…
It mentions that if individuals treat each other as they wish to be treated (i.e. the Golden Rule), then there will be better solidity amongst the company. This applies a little differently with diversity and it depends on the person. From a managerial aspect, UCSF Human Resources implies that managers should acknowledge the importance of people’s differences and that they should be accepted as valuable (Managing Diversity in the Workplace, n.d.). Using diversity as an advantage as opposed to a disadvantage will enable companies to be able to expand their capabilities by utilizing each individual’s diverse
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