What Is The Turning Point In Your Life Essay

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Sitting in first period on the first day of my junior year, the teacher is giving the class a lecture on the real world outside of high school he explained that you have to actually put forth effort to achieve something that you desire. In the past year of high school, I put forth hardly any effort, still managing to pass, but not happy with the grades and realizing that what this teacher was saying might be true. After the first day of junior year I began to apply myself and one year later, sitting in all college classes preparing to achieve these goals once again made me realize this was the academic turning point in my life. Since first grade, school had always come easy to me, but as high school started to progress, it became harder and…show more content…
One takes to college with them more knowledge on what it takes to be successful and having the idea that the future was right around the corner. I was putting in less effort to make an A on every assignment and test. It makes significant difference just paying attention in class as opposed to talking to friends or playing on a phone. Half way through my junior year I became good friends with a guy named Nick Barrera. Having a mom that is a teacher he had very high standards for himself making all A’s in honors classes. Quickly I began to look up to Nick academically. He mentioned one day in gym that he was going to essentially skip senior year and go to college in a dual enrollment program where he would be getting credits for his senior year to graduate and getting credits for college. Knowing at this point it would be beneficial for me to do this programs, I began studying for the test to get into the program. Night after night of studying the test was in only a week. Knowing that going to the test with all of the knowledge that was available would greatly increase my chances of passing. On the day of the test I walked in with confidence and a ready mindset. Passing this test was a huge accomplishment, now knowing that if one puts in more effort, success would be
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