What Is The Transformation Of Invisible Man

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Throughout Ralph Ellison’s novel, Invisible Man, the main character dealt with collisions and contradictions, which at first glance presented as negative influences, but in retrospect, they positively influenced his life, ultimately resulting in the narrator developing a sense of independence. The narrator, invisible man, began the novel as gullible, dependent, and self-centered. During the course of the book, he developed into a self-determining and assured character. The characters and circumstances invisible man came across allowed for this growth.
Invisible man first encountered collision during the Battle Royal. The first circumstance in which invisible man was completely full of himself and gullible was Battle Royal, which granted others
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Norton did not go very smoothly, as he placed himself into a situation that left him vulnerable and blind. Invisible man received orders from Dr. Bledsoe to drive Mr. Norton around; doing so, invisible man brought himself into a predicament that would inevitably end with him being in suffering. Trueblood’s house was the first stop made by invisible man, the home of the man who impregnated his daughter. Mr. Norton became educated on the incest incident. Succeeding this event, Norton took a trip to the Golden Day, the worst bar in town. He was caught in the middle of a brutal bar fight, between many black men from a psych house. Mr. Norton went into a state of shock after experiencing these two events. Invisible man had a problem to solve, as his colleges biggest money supply had gone into shock due to the extremity and disgrace he exposed to him. After Bledsoe discovered invisible man allowed Mr. Norton to experience this, he knew he was going to suffer severe consequences. Dr. Bledsoe presented his true character to invisible man when confronting him on his actions. “We take these white folks where we want them to go, we show them what we want them to see” (Ellison). Bledsoe places emphasis on lying to white folks to make the black race look better, when invisible man exposes aspects of the race Bledsoe does not desire he becomes expelled. His expulsion was said to be an opportunity to go to New York to obtain a job and acquire money to return next school year and further his education. Invisible man had been promised a job would be waiting for him when he arrived. Being gullible and naive, he did not see this lie from Dr. Bledsoe; therefore, he went to New York, only to discover he had no job waiting for him. Dr. Bledsoe’s betrayal was the first instance in which invisible man realized he allowed himself to be taken advantage of. Although, his biggest turn took place when he encountered the

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