What Is The Theories Of Criminality And Crime Causation?

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Early English law had many influences on law enforcement in the United States of American during the 1600s-1800s. The riot act of 1714 which was an act of Parliament for Great Britain where the local authorities in that community would choose a group of people to keep order and call the military if a fight or riot got out of hand. “The government had no civil police force to deal with mob violence therefore the government had to call in the military using the riot act to control the situation.’ (Hess, 2013; p. 10). As the law enforcement evolved urbanization turned into commerce and industry. Meanwhile in the early system of the law the watch and ward system but eventually seemed to be non-effective.
The Bow Street Runners were known as the
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The classical theory was formed by Cesare Beccaria who was an Italian criminologist during the eighteenth century. Cesare was able to create the classical theory because he believed that people knew that they were doing making them responsible for the acts they commit. The routine activity theory has three aspects formed by Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson. The first aspect is the availability of a suitable target, for example a home or a convenient store. Second would be the absence of a guardian which can be a homeowner, neighbor, friends, security system, etc. Third is the presence of a motivated offender some of which can be a drug abuser or a person who is unemployed looking for trouble. The reason why the three aspects were created was to inform that given those circumstances an individual’s chance of predatory crime can increase. Therefore, as the individual knowing these key aspects but not following the precautions can leave both the victim and offender at a closer…show more content…
There are many various types of law enforcement that concentrate on different functions to keep the law enforcement community under control with what duties are performed to keep order. There are specialized officers that work with specialized tasks such as K-9, intelligence, evidence and much more. Meanwhile rural policing means more response time for an officer to get to the scene or for the backup to arrive. We need to law enforcement in our community to help individuals in need of it and to serve justice for wrongful
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