What Is The Theme Of Fear In The House Of The Scorpion

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Imagine a world with clones and drug dealing as a daily occurrence. People are in a state of confusion and it is very chaotic. Things change constantly. This is a very similar world in comparison to the book. There are many clones and harvesting of clones. El Patron, one of the main characters, is a drug lord who deals drug. The characters in the House of the Scorpion show courage and fear, but to have courage you have to have a fear which is why the author usually uses these concepts together. The characters have to face many fears in the House of the Scorpion. Keepers feared Matt since they knew nothing about him and he threatens their authority by being recognized as the leader of the Lost Boys. Often times people fear or dislike others that aren 't like them. Matt was not like other people because he was El Patron’s clone. The Alacrans dislike Matt since he 's a clone. They believe Matt is filthy like other clones since they knew nothing about him and is blinded by their prejudice. El Patron put a lot of fear into lots of people. Everyone fears him because he is so powerful. He is lord over the country called Opium--a strip of poppy fields between the U. S. and what was once called Mexico. ”Vampire! thought Matt. El Patron would have enjoyed that description. He loved to inspire fear”(pg.139). Fear helps the reader better understand El Patron and Matt because El Patron puts fear into everyone to gain power and…show more content…
The characters in the House of the Scorpion had fear everyday. They had to get the courage to face that fear. But having the courage to face your fears is a lot harder than it sounds. But the characters got the courage to face their fears.Now just think if this was reality for all of us what would the world be
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