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John Stephens ¨Emerald Atlas” is one of the many books that takes you through time. In this book you see the 3 main characters Kate, Emma, and Michael go on a journey through time. After the loss of their parents the children go into an orphanage, and many after that. Soon they are placed in an orphanage that is different from the rest where they find a photo album that takes them through time. In this book you will see that families can always sticks together when apart, even if someone in a family leaves or dies they are always connected. When families together they are strong, but when apart, they are a broken shield going into battle. The act of being sad is not just an emotion, it's a strong pain and a hassle that's character's struggle with. After rereading the sentence at the beginning of the book, Emerald Atlas, “The girl's heart was hammering in her chest, and she had opened her mouth to ask what was happening when a man appeared in the doorway.” my thinking varied. At one moment i'm thinking the only theme is family, but is there more to it… After rereading the passage a second time I saw new…show more content…
I saw this when they all came together to realize that they are stronger together than apart. I saw that in this sentence “Help me, and i’ll help you.” I think of this being a realization between the characters, I feel as if one person realizes that they are stronger together than apart, and that's what family is about. Soon after this sentence shows up in the book and makes me think about the book “But the wizard was too fast. Spirited you away. Your sweet parents, not so lucky!” is this sentence they are explaining how the parents left. And After their parents left the children became weak and slump and depressed. That just shows more that family is always stronger

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