What Is The Theme Of Control Of Information In George Orwell

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George Orwell used the theme of control of information as a way to warn society of the impending dangers of a totalitarian regime. In 1984, the main character Winston Smith was a member of the Outer Party, and the Party was the government over the super state Oceania. Winston worked at the Ministry of Truth where he was one of many who were in charge of editing Party information stated previously in order to give citizens of Oceania the impression that the Party was always right. There were many instances when Winston played a part in controlling information for the Party. One day while working, Winston had to rectify a misquoted number of chocolate rations (Orwell 39). The Party had originally promised its citizens there would be an increase…show more content…
The Party seemed to have complete and utter control over the citizens of Oceania. Each morning, citizens were forced to work out and were watched through the telescreen present in their rooms (Orwell 31). Workers such as Winston were all forced to participate in the Two Minutes Hate where they were all required to watch a very provocative video that stirred everyone up. There were extreme consequences if one did not participate in the Two Minutes Hate or even the work out every morning. Through the ever-present telescreens, the Thought Police were able to watch every single person at any given time which created a huge amount of fear in people (Orwell 2). Orwell tried to show people that a totalitarian regime would seek to fill everyone with fear in order to ensure obedience from all. The threat of the Thought Police was mentioned frequently throughout 1984 by Winston. He was constantly afraid that the Thought Police would discover all of his traitorous actions and thoughts, and as a result, make him disappear (Orwell 64). Through the use of telescreens and the Thought Police, Orwell demonstrated the theme of totalitarianism and showed his readers the negative effects that a totalitarian society can have on a…show more content…
In his book, Orwell uses the theme of control of information by showing his readers Winston’s occupation and the control the Party exerts over news about the war. The theme of control of the mind is shown through the installment of a new language by the Party and the use of kids as spies. The totalitarian theme is shown through the use of the telescreens by the Thought Police. Through the use of all three themes, Orwell accomplishes his goal of warning people about the dangers and negative effects of totalitarianism. Like many people today, Orwell was very concerned about the direction the world was heading back in the 1940s, so he decided to act and alert people to what he

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