What Is The Television Of The 1950s

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By Shawna Bellis There were many types of entertainments in the 1950’s but one of the newest and popular ones was television shows. At first many people couldn’t afford televisions but as soon as it came to a price they could afford, almost everyone had already bought one. There were almost over 6 million televisions around the world in 1950. Televisions during the 1950’s were nothing like our televisions today. In the 1950’s televisions had what some people called, “rabbit ears” which were antennas. Some people would even call the remotes “Lazy Bones”. The first ad was aired in 1955 and it was a 70 second ad for Gibbs Sr. Toothpaste made by AB-Pathe. The top show that everyone fell in love with was first shown in 1957 called “I Love Lucy”, which starred Lucille Ball. The top television show during the 1950’s was “I Love Lucy”, this show was shown on CBS. This show was about a couple living in New York City. The wife was a involved in show business and she was always trying to get her husband to join her. They would always get into funny situations. This show was popu...

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