What Is The Symbolism Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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There is a fine between crazy and desperate, but what would be considered seeing a woman beyond the walls, a cry for help or just pure insanity. In the narrative “ The yellow wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, an unnamed, wife and mother in the 1800’s is diagnosed with temporary nervous depression. During this time, the cure for women was to be on bed rest, away from any form of stress. Therefore, the narrator’s husband takes her to an isolated estate in the country, where is is cut off from everything she loves, but she secretly writes to keep herself sane. Unfortunately as the story progresses, the writing fails to save her and the narrator’s illness becomes more visible, and more serious. She sits in one room of the house all…show more content…
The author describes the wallpaper as a disturbing and unsettling sight. It often makes the narrator uncomfortable, while using personification the yellow wall is brought to life and the narrator explains it as if the wallpaper were a person in the room along with her. The narrator describes the wallpaper as “poor thing” and that there is a woman inside of the wall that “shakes the pattern”(Gilman 655). As the story develops the real meaning of the woman beyond the wallpaper becomes more clear. The wallpaper is illustrated as if it were none other but the narrator herself. The poor wallpaper and the woman the shakes the pattern attempting to set herself free. Almost as if the wallpaper were her ‘poor’ illness and she is shaking the expectations set upon her by John, attempting to be free. She also begins to talk about how when the woman gets out of the wallpaper when no one is around, she creeps throughout the room and the outside, not wanting to be found or seen. The narrator’s true self creeping around when John isn’t around, attempting not to be seen or found, afraid of the possibility of getting sent away. Finally as the story progresses the true meaning of the wall paper and the woman beyond it begin to become even more visible. She speaks about the wallpaper saying “it slaps you in the face, knocks you
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