What Is The Similarities Between William Wordsworth And Robert Frost And The Memory?

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One of the functions of memories is that it can provide a valuable lesson. As Cesare Pavese quoted, the richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten. Such as this is the case for two poets William Wordsworth and Robert Frost. There are many similarities and differences between the poems by William Wordsworth and Robert Frost in the method through which they use nature as their poetic theme. It is clear that both of these poets consider memory as an important role in the exploration of the natural world. This is demonstrated in the way that the experiences they had, the emotions they felt, and the knowledge they gained from nature are kept in their memories and is demonstrated through the use of poetic language. However, Frost tends to…show more content…
In Birches, the abstract term truth is personified by capitalizing it. The Truth is stated “all her matter-of-fact” (22) which I believe is applied to indicate a scientific, real-life observation facts that pauses the boy to stop climbing up towards the heaven. This is significant because his memory as a child exhibiting transcendence is interrupted by the Truth that breaks the relationship with spiritual natural world with the poet. The capitalization makes the truth of the society stand out to give its importance. It is the Truth that restrain Frost from going to the “heaven” and retain him to the Earth. Frost realizes that the transcendence is merely a dream and an imagination that he idealize and understood it as a place that he can never reach. Critic Robert Hass states that “Birches centers on the malleability and resistance of nature as it comes under the influence of the manipulating processes of human will.” (165). This statement proclaims that, instead of the nature providing a gateway to “heaven”, Frost sees it as an imagination he had as a boy and the force he applied to swing the branches would eventually halt, thus coming down to Earth. His memory rests in his imagination and does not engage further relationships with the natural world. Wordsworth would see this

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