What Is The Same Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay

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Same-sex couples have such a callous time being accepted at this time. There is a ginormous community in support of their choices and values, but there remain countless against it as well. They are judged on their lives, their choices, and who they are. They had been constricted with so much that they can do, it took so long for them to even be able to obtain marriage, now trying to adopt and just live happily, while several drag them down and their lifestyles. According to, Statistic Brain, 47% of Americans oppose/strongly oppose same-sex marriage, and 41% strongly favor/favor it, and only about 10% say they are unsure of it. 47% of people, that is a great deal of people. In 2014, there was record 319 million people in the United States,…show more content…
Yet, we have so much research showing that no one is personally affected by someone 's choice in sexual preference. By one couple getting married or adopting a baby, our lives will go on, and there lives will be a lot happier than at first. Why would one want to take that away from someone, that 's inhumane. Being gay is not a sin, it 's not a choice, and it 's not wrong.
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