What Is The Role Of Heredity And Environment In Shaping The Environment?

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ASSIGNMENT PAPER: 6103 : Human Behavior and Social Environment Name: Lia Rochill Class: M.A (previous) Roll. No: SOCW11194 Q. Discuss the role of heredity and environment in shaping human behavior. Substantiate your arguments with at least two research studies from pre-reviewed journals. UNDERSTANDING OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR Human behavior is the potential, and expressed capacity for physical, mental and social activity during the phrases of human life. Like other species, we human beings have a typical life course that consist of successive phrases of growth, which is characterized by different sets of physical, behavioral and physiological features. It includes the way we human beings act basing on various…show more content…
THE ROLE OF HEREDITY AND ENVIRONMENT IN SHAPING HUMAN BEHAVIOR Heredity is one of the important factors that contribute to the formation of human personality. It refers to the biological process of transmission of certain biological and psychological characters from parents to children through genes. This genetic inheritance received by every individual at the time of conception is referred to as Heredity. As such the physical character of a person, like height, weight, color of skin, eyes, hair, social and intellectual behavior are all determined by heredity. It influences man’s social behavior too. The extent to which external environment can affect development of human…show more content…
A given social environment may change extensively in the lifetime of an individual. The effect of social environment upon the behavior of the individual maybe inferred point for point from an analysis of that environment. The problem of heredity and environment must be thought of not only as specific to each characteristic and to each environment, but as specific to each individual in respect to each of his characters and to each factor of environment. We cannot speak of a good or of a bad environment except in terms of a particular characteristic of particular individual and particular environmental factors ( John Mcleish). Undoubtedly heredity is responsible for the growth of a person from the fetus till the end, for the colour, sex and all other distinguishing traits and features. However it cannot totally develop a person into an intelligent knowledgeable person. This is only possible through the exposure, experiences that a person gets from his surroundings, his environment. Man being the product of evolution has greater capacity of adaptability and he can adjust himself with any environment. Heredity and environment thus are equally important and together they determine our

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