What Is The Role Of Death And Ideas About Death

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Ideas About Death and the Here-after Death is believed to be created by Allah just like life, Death begins a new life; an eternal life. It is the disappearing of the physical body, while the spirit lives on. It is the start of a long wait until the resurrection. The deceased’s grave either becomes a garden in the gardens of heaven or a well in the well of hell. Death is a terrifying experience. There are several events or manifestation that are believed to be omen of impending death, like changes in a person’s psychological structure, meteorological events, and dreams to name a few.
Practices at Funerals and Meanings Behind Them When someone dies, professional washers wash their body. They believe that the body must be washed for paradise.
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The Turkish Civil Code has five points for possible grounds for a divorce like deserting home, adultery, mental illness, and incompatibility. Once the divorce is given, the women is not allowed to remarry for 300 days after that time.
The Role of Social Gatherings Turks are very sociable. They will invite people they hardly know to their circumcisions and weddings, because the more the merrier. They also will invite anyone to their home. When one enters, they should take off their shoes and they will be given a pair of slippers. Also, prepare to eat a lot, because they do not take no for an answer.
Courtship Practices
A father will put an empty milk bottle up on top of their roof whenever his daughter is ready for marriage. Any man who can knock the bottle off the roof can ask for the daughter’s hand in marriage. The father will then access the man’s financial position to see if he will be able to care for her and his family. There are also still arranged marriages. Arranged and forced marriages are not the same though. A girl is accessed whether she will be a good wife by how good her coffee tastes. The bride’s dowry is figured out by her weight, which causes her family to encourage her to put on some
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The bride wears a white dress and also a veil. There is a big fetching of the bride event. The groom’s family comes to get the bride from her home. His family and other relatives and friends meet somewhere and there is a procession that comes to fetch her. There are again rituals that take place, one of them being the tying on of a red ribbon around the bride’s waist. This is called a maidenhood belt. The group then goes to the groom’s house for the religious part of the ceremony. Next, they will go to a wedding hall. The bride and groom will come out to the dance floor once everything is ready. If the legal matters of the wedding have not taken place yet this will happen here. After the first dance, the bride will go around to all the people. She will be holding a basket that is lined with red. Again, there will be the giving of gifts of gold and money. The guess will kiss the bride, pin gold coins to her sash, and put bracelets on her and put money in her
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