What Is The Rise Of Suburbanization In The United States?

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Introduction Suburbanization sparked a generation of people to rethink the way they viewed the idea of the home. This development created homeowners to seek out to the iconic suburban neighborhoods and move away from the busy and polluted urban cities. Levittown, New York was the first suburban neighborhood established in the United States in the 1950’s. Located in Nassau County, Levittown was built by Abraham Levitt, along with his two sons, William and Alfred. The main motive of this establishment was to provide cheap housing for thousands of men that returned from the Second World War. Abraham Levitt believed that in order for him to sell his creation of the suburbia, he had to present a new form of the American life. This life had to be consistent with the cookie cutter homes and white fences that he had envisioned in his suburbia. [See Table 2] He exemplified the suburbia by planning a planned community that contained low costing houses that came with iconic shopping grounds, swimming pools, schools and parks. The idea of the home was slowly changing. The time-p...
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