What Is The Relationship Between Rharh And Radha's Relationship

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The novel explores the depth of relationship between Shyam and Radha. In their relationship we find that Radha’s role as a wife blocks her freedom. Beauvoir believed that the institution of marriage has marred the spontaneity of feelings, between the husband and wife by transforming freely given feelings into mandatory duties and shrilly asserted rights. A woman is more than her body. She is not only a Being-in-itself but also a Being-for-itself. Radha’s alienation under the rubrics of sexuality is on account of Shyam’s cold intellectuality. The entire pulsating and throbbing world around Shyam serves to deepen her love for Chris. Radha’s contact with Shyam never went deeper than skin. She is unable to satiate her sexual urge because of Shyam’s aloofness, and this leads her into Chris arms. Nair, who is a sensitive writer, can delve deep into people’s personalities and take the reader on a wonderful journey of relationship. Radha rejects her husband’s oppressive environment and she rebels against the false materialism and vulgarity of society. She even virtually rejects her marriage. She distrusts love as a form of male possessiveness and does not want love to be an aspect of male domination. Radha who had a pre-marital affair with a married man, had an abortion, Later her post-affair with Christopher, she grapples for the true sense of love, completely divorced from the sense of guilt. As she travels back to her uncle life she confronts many harsh truths of her own past. To the agitated self of Radha who is fed up with ugly life, she has a strong desire to find out an order. She tries to explore the past of her uncle, as well as, Christopher who are so closely connect with her mysterious past. She wants to understand the secret b... ... middle of paper ... ...Nair has also projected her own Indian sensibility and attitude through her women characters in her novels. Most of the Indian women living in an orthodox and conservative family feel inhibited to raise their voice against aggressive dominance of the male person of the society owing to their inferiority complex and rigid code of conduct imposed on them. Their ambitions, desires, sense and sensibility are faithfully expressed in Nair’s novels. Her novels show how such women in spite of being highly educated undergo psychological suffering due to inferiority complex and dead sense of inhibitions. She not only limits her writing to upper class urban people, but also picks up characters from all stratum of society. Her theme is not only restricted to domestic problems, but it is variegated in nature. Besides, her novels represent what is authentically Indian or native.

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