What Is The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Car Essay

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Growing up every teenager including myself acquires what their parents could provide for them whether it was clothes, accessories or a car. In 2011 I turned eighteen and went to the DMV to get my driving license. After obtaining my driver license my parents bought me a car it was not a new or old car but, a decent one. The car I received was a 2006 ford focus with 40,000 miles. I loved my first car it took me to school and work with no problem. The car was so spacious that if I got to my destination early I would lean my car seat back and relax. Everything was going well until the year 2015 when my car finally started breaking down on me. I would fix what was wrong with the car, but after several times of breaking down on me I had enough. It…show more content…
Eventually I came to the decision to buy a new car after debating whether or not to buy a new car I wrote down the pros of owing a new car: no more struggling with car repairs, car would last longer, and newer cars are safer than old cars. In less than two months I spent about one thousand-eight hundred dollars on my old car. I had to change the battery, the transmission of the car, and buy new sets of tires for the car. The car battery gave out and I had to purchase a new one at “Auto Zone” for eighty dollars. There were better batteries available, but I did not buy them because I was saving money for my school tuition and spending almost two-hundred dollars on a battery did not seem like a good idea especially because I had an old car. After fixing the battery the transmission of the car broke down and I had to get a new one. Lucky for me…show more content…
For a young adult buying a car is a big step into growing up because after a car the next step is buying a house or renting an apartment. I made the right choice by selling my old car because now I do not have to deal with the headaches or fear of my car breaking down on my way to work or school. I stand by my decision knowing that my car will last me many years to come. Also, my mom loves driving my car and occasionally we would switch cars during the week. Her car is a little old and driving it around worries me about breaking down on me, but seeing how happy she driving my car makes it all worth
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