What Is The Principle Of Hovercraft

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CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction :- A hovercraft is a vehicle capable of traveling over most surfaces on a cushion of air trapped under the body for lift. Air propellers, water propellers, or water jets usually provide forward propulsion. Air-cushion vehicles can attain higher speeds than can either ships or most land vehicles due to lower frictional forces and use much less power than helicopters of the same weight. Figure illustrates the operational principles and basic components of a typical hovercraft. Fig 1.1 Components of Hovercraft An air cushion vehicle (air-pad vehicle, ACV) is a specialty equipped for going over area, water, mud or ice and different surfaces both at rate and when stationary. They work by making…show more content…
2.1 Working Principle of Hovercraft 2.2 Movement of hovercraft :- After the crane lifter can push ahead. It must give a different air administrator, which takes an air cushion vehicle. A considerable lot of the vessels used to move a different motor, however some have stand out motor for both capacities - that is, for blowing air under the air cushion vehicle furthermore to make headway. For this situation, the wind current part propeller, which to some extent drives the flyer for floatability, while lion's share of the air is utilized to move the air cushion vehicle . 2.3 Components of Hovercraft :- The hovercraft is the most significant component of the project. The design of this component is documented in the remaining sections of this report. 2.3.1 Remote Station :- The hovercraft itself has a remote station attached to it. The final design used three Arduino boards communicating with I2C. The remote station looks after receiving wireless packets from the base station, sending wireless debug messages to the base station, reading sensors, and autonomous control. 2.3.2 Base Station :- In phase one a base station was attached to a PC with a usb cable and designed to accept user input from the keyboard and a PS2 controller. We wanted a portable base station and an opportunity of experiment with more sensors so we replace the attached base station with two new

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