What Is The Padparadscha?

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It is called the Padparadscha in Sri Lanka but around the world it is most commonly known as the Padmaradscha Sapphire. This enduring stone, the Padparadscha is a gemstone variety of mineral corundum, this rare type of gemstones belongs to the family of sapphires. It is the rarest of all the colors of sapphires The meaning of the word Padparadscha is derived from a Sanskrit term ‘padma raga’ which means (Padma= Lotus, Range= Color) the color of lotus flower, It was first mined in Sri Lanka hundreds of years back. The Padparadscha has a variety of cuts namely in circle, cushion and oval. The color of the stone is available from pink to orange described by many dealers as Lotus to sunset colors. This stone is not at all artificially treated in…show more content…
Their answers were as follows: • A sapphire with two colored colors combined: pink & orange. • A gem with the color of the Sunset. • A gem of mix of pure orange and pink hues. • A deep pink sapphire with generous orange color. • Precious stone of a true balance of pink & orange or orange & pink. • Valuable, Orangish pink stone. From the answers of the questions given to the gemologists a table was drawn up to compare the responses. The results from those questions are found in Tables 1 and Table 2. Table 1: How many Padparadschas above 1 ct do you typically see in a year in Sri Lanka? The author asked whether the gem dealers have seen a stone over 1ct over the last year in 2017. Their answers are shown in Table 1. The respondent 6 who directly mined the stones from Ratnapura had seen the most stones during the past year. Table 2: What is the perfect color of the Padparadschas? The author was also interested to know which color is the most valuable when it comes to stone selling over the retail market and since their were alternative answers between different sources, decided to ask this from the gem dealers, their answers are found in Table

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