What Is The Myth Of Meritocracy?

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Class is a set of concepts in the society about who is who and who gets to have say and who does not. They are usually divided into upper, middle, and lower classes. I grew up in a country where class was distinct. Class prevailed in every part of the society. Rich children did not serve punishments in school while the rest of us did. Rich children could afford to wear new uniforms while the rest of us wore old unfirms that were torn. Rich children ate well at the cafeteria while the rest of us ate once and ate local made food that was not healthy called akara and boli. The rich children could afford to go to school parties and wear the nicest clothes while the rest of us could not. Rich children could get to be privileged while the rest of…show more content…
This idea is that talented people are more successful than even people with money and privileges. This idea projects that people get what they want in life just because of individual characteristics and attributes. The reality is that this is not true because people get better in life because of their class privileges and wealth. The myth is the American dream that if a person juts works hard enough they will make it in life and get the resources they want to live a good life. It is to say that if a person does the right thing at the right time then they will achieve high success. It is a myth because it does not work that way. The system does not work the way the people actually think it works. Wealth is shared unequally amongst individuals in the United States. For instance some individuals get inheritance while others do not. It would not be fair to say that the individuals with no inheritance are not talented enough. The idea is also seen in race. A white person not as talented as the black person may get ahead because of their color. In the United States, people assume since it is the land of freedom that they get to where they want in life by hard work and talent but it is a myth. People get ahead in life because of their economic or social status. Background, education, wealth and race are all examples of what makes a person get ahead in
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